Covid-19 Online Survival Guide

Covid-19 Online Survival Guide


For businesses, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Many businesses are having to reinvent themselves in some way or another by improving their online presence and accessibility. Some online businesses recording 2-3 times as much revenue as normal during the last 3 weeks of lockdown, while others are looking at an uncertain future. We have put together a little online survival guide to try and help everyone with their online presence during this time.

Its time to adapt to our surroundings, let’s try to thrive and not just survive!!

“Let’s look at this in a positive light, many businesses out there have fallen into a comfort zone, this Pandemic can be the trigger for changing how your business operates”

Covid-19 Online Survival Guide
If you sell physical or digital products then your online presence is going to need to be strong,
here are a few tips to keep sales flowing and business booming through your website.


Meetings and interactions with clients

We all have to reassess how we do business and how we interact with clients, meeting apps such as zoom have come into their own during the last few weeks and we have been in meetings using Zoom daily, it has actually become pretty standard practice now. The majority of consultations and general catch-ups can be done this way in most businesses.


Live Chat:

Having a simple live chat feature on your website is paramount during this time, customers want to ask a question and get an instant answer, this could mean they buy off you or they buy off a competitor.


Quick Purchase/Fast checkout Option:

Having a quick way for customers to order a product, essentially minimizing the time from view to payment, means less hassle to buy which is always a winner.


Pre Orders

Getting stock during this time can be a problem, Customers are also aware of this, why not offer a pre-order option for out of stock products, customers can either pay the full amount or a deposit thus securing the sale, just ensure good communication, regular updates on ETA is the key to this strategy.


Follow Up Emails 

Hitting your clients with some follow up emails to see how they are getting on is a nice thoughtful touch and lets customers know you are there, you can even add a discount coupon to the email as a little incentive to place another order, you can add discounts for events such as birthdays or after they have spent a certain amount in the store, etc.


Upselling and Cross-Selling

Cross-selling is an advantageous technique for several reasons:


Cross-selling allows you to bundle in less-expensive items the customer is more likely to buy on impulse.

Cross-selling can be beneficial to the customer, in that they’re getting the item they want and products that will enhance their experience.

Cross-selling can build trust between you and the customer because you’re presenting them with products that likely match their needs.

Cross-selling is also versatile, with the capability to be used on numerous channels.


Cross-sell Example 

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Covid-19 Online Survival Guide


upselling is possibly the easiest way to increase your store’s sales…

With virtually no extra work.


Just look at these stats:

Upselling increases revenue by 10-30% on average.

70-95% of revenue comes from upsells and renewals on average (for companies who offer them).

Upsells are 68% more affordable than acquiring a new customer.


You can use product upselling to increase your sales by at least 10% almost overnight.


Upsell Example:

We can add this Upsell option to your WordPress site – Click here for more info

Covid-19 Online Survival Guide

We have been busy implementing the above options to our client’s sites over the last month with amazing results! Trust us, these little things do work!!  if you can sell these extras every week on top of the standard sales at the end of the year the tally really adds up. Its time to get creative!

Send us an email or to find out how we can help you implement these features into your website or have a look at some of our WordPress add ons below

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