Services we can offer you as part of a wordpress maintenance plan

Here’s a quick list of common categories to consider when starting out with your new wordPress website or even an existing un maintained wordpress site

1. Hosting and domain registration

Web Dezine Hosting can keep sort you out with great value secure domain and hosting packages.

2. Website security

Site security is a huge problem for poorly maintained sites everywhere. Secure setup and ongoing monitoring is valuable for small businesses.

3. Website backups

Backups are a must-have for every type of website, but people are often reluctant to handle this task themselves. They fear doing something wrong, we can take away the fear and give you full peace of mind 3x separate backups not just 1!!

4. WordPress updates

One of the most important WordPress best practices is keeping the platform, including any plugins and themes, up to date. This is why so many WordPress customers and experienced users recommend regularly-scheduled automatic updates.

Clicking on the update button is easy, but understanding the process and being able to deal with the unpredictable is hard. For example, testing updates on a staging site before deploying them to production is a step that might be unfamiliar to some small businesses clients.

5. Design and development tweaks to an existing site

There’s a generally a huge demand for this type of service. Tweaks are less intensive than a full site

6. Technical support and troubleshooting

We make time for investigation and resolution of issues. The general scope of what we  cover (e.g., domain issues, hosting, WordPress core, themes, plugins etc)

7. Content changes

Even with a CMS like WordPress, content updates can take a lot of time.

8. Content creation

What if you’re  struggling to create content for their website? Content creation takes your service to another level.

9. Email marketing and newsletters

Email marketing is a huge pain point  for many small businesses. After becoming aware of the available tools, you will need to run campaigns. Campaign landing pages will likely exist on the website, so this is a natural extension.

10. Social media management

This is another offering that contributes to your business growth. If you have a social media presence but struggle to maintain it, we can step in to help.

12. Reporting and analytics

Everybody want to know how well things are working. Reporting on your your site and translating a mix of complicated stats into understandable takeaways in a monthly easy to read report  can be of huge value.

13. Consultation

Running a business can be tough. We understand that we  might become a trusted advisor and resource for advice and that’s fine with us, we are here to help.